Custom made premiums and promotional gifts

You can order an extensive range of promotional products and gifts from MultiGift at the keenest prices. Currently on you can choose from as many as 42.790 promotional items with a total stock of 252.863.530 pieces. All items can be supplied quickly from stock. Printed promotional products can also easily be ordered online. But we offer much more.

If you are unable to find a promotional product, let us help you to search for one. Using the form below, simply let us know what you are looking for and include an image if possible. Please don't hesitate to do that, because if the item already exists, it is extremely likely that we will also be able to supply this item. We would be happy to help you search.

If you have found an item, but this cannot be supplied in the colour that you require, you will be pleased to hear that almost all items can be produced in all possible colours provided that sufficient quantities are ordered. For example, a backpack or a T-shirt in your company colour(s). It is all possible. Inform us of your requirements and we will quickly inform you of the various options.

If the promotional product that you require doesn't (yet) exist or if you would like a promotional product to be adapted to your requirements, we can usually provide you with a proposal for that, which would be obligation-free. If you are interested in custom made promotional products or if you have a specific idea for a custom made promotional product, please inform us of your ideas. So much is possible and we would be happy to help you to deliberate.

Using the form below, you can easily inform us of your wishes and we will then inform you of the possibilities. If you have an image or an initial design of the promotional product that you require, you can send this to us at the same time.

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